Diabetes at Work

I always imagine that diabetics who work in offices have a relatively easy time dealing with low blood sugar. If they start to feel shaky or sweaty, they can get up, go to the bathroom, test, and then return to … Read more

Dan Hurley and Diabetes Rising

I’ve got an interview up today with Dan Hurley, author of the new book, Diabetes Rising — and wanted to write a quick blog post to mention one of my favorite parts of the book: Hurley’s ear for analogies for … Read more

What Do You Call Your Diabetes?

As my friends know, I am a huge dork — especially when it comes to language. Thanks to some excellent middle and high school Latin teachers (and subsequent stints as a Latin teacher myself), I have an obsessive need to … Read more

Should I Screen My Sons For Diabetes?

There’s a lot of guilt involved in parenting, and I tend to find myself feeling guilty even over small things, like telling my sons a white lie in order to do something beneficial for them.  Last night, for example, as … Read more

Home Alone

My husband’s out of town right now on business, and in addition to making me miss him, it’s also making me realize that this is one of the first times since I was diagnosed with Type 1 nearly nine years … Read more

The hunt for the first antigen

We would like to be able to know who will develop type 1 diabetes long before it happens and have a treatment ready that will stop it from happening. This is a tall order and the path to this goal … Read more

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