Diabetic Dolphins?

First, an update to my previous post, which was supposed to be about anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies but was rudely interrupted when I dropped my pump in the toilet: this was a bad idea. Despite the fact that the pump had … Read more

Dan Hurley and Diabetes Rising

I’ve got an interview up today with Dan Hurley, author of the new book, Diabetes Rising — and wanted to write a quick blog post to mention one of my favorite parts of the book: Hurley’s ear for analogies for … Read more

What’s For Dinner?

Eating is of such vital importance, not just for survival, but a part of our lives’ enjoyment and entertainment, that I set out to make sure that my taste buds were not insulted. The Christmas presents from me that year would be the top notch foodstuffs for a diabetic diet… Read more

Type 2 Diabetes: A Metabolic Disorder

Unlike the more aggressive form of diabetes, Type 1, where the immune system actively searches out and kills islet cells, in Type 2, the cells die through a long process of overwork and poor waste management. Insulin, as you probably … Read more

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