You, Too, Can Run Around In Public In Your Underwear

Yesterday, I had the privilege of running around Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood in some combination of my underwear.  Don’t worry; I was not alone.  In fact, I was joined by at least a couple-few hundred people, all of whom were scantily … Read more

Thoughts on Love

There is a billboard I drive by on my way to teach English Comp. that says, “What Have Your Done For Your Marriage Today?”… Read more

A Valentine’s Gift of Health and Happiness

Two years ago I celebrated Valentine’s Day with 26 women and sent my husband away for two hours. I was the guest speaker at Divabetics, a diabetes support group. It was their usual monthly meeting and I was there to … Read more

My Diabetic Valentine

Jessica Apple found love thanks to: a) tuna fish b) an omelete c) falafel d) quiche e) gummy bears The correct answer is C, falafel.  Did you guess right?  Let me explain why. When I was 18-years-old and just out … Read more

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