7 Ways to Eat Sugar Snap Peas

Snap Peas

What’s incredibly crunchy, low-carb, nutritious, and a fantastic vehicle for hummus or vegetable dip? Sugar Snap Peas! Despite their name, they’re a refreshing, healthy versatile choice for people with (or without) diabetes. Read more

How to Choose Medical ID

Medical ID - Road ID - Home

It’s a relatively small thing, but it can be a literal lifesaver: medical alert jewelry. For people living with diabetes (or allergies, or asthma, or any other chronic condition), a simple bracelet or necklace can reveal medical information when it’s most important. And there are thousands of options for medical jewelry – from the standard stainless-steel oval-and-chain bracelet to gold cuffs. So how do you choose one? Read more

Diabetes Supply Cases Worth Carrying

Diabetes Supply Cases Worth Carrying

Diabetes is rarely a glamorous condition, and that’s especially true when it comes to stashing and transporting all the high- and low-tech doodads we use to keep ourselves healthy. While most glucometers come with their own black vinyl zipper cases, you don’t have to be stuck with factory-issued fashion. Both men and women with diabetes have options than you may think. Read more

Where to Put Your Insulin Pump When There’s Nowhere to Put It

Where to Put Your Insulin Pump When There’s Nowhere to Put It

For all their algorithms, touchscreens, connectivity and convenience, most insulin pumps still have one thing working against them (and us): unless you have a pocket, there’s nowhere to put them.
Here are a few tried and true – and maybe imperfect – ideas for keeping your pump on your person. Read more

How To Make Basal Rate Testing Less Brutal

Insulin Pump - Basal Rate Testing

If you use an insulin pump or multiple daily injections to treat your diabetes, you’ve probably heard of (or performed) basal rate testing. It’s a test you can perform to measure the appropriateness of your basal (or background) insulin doses. … Read more

How to Wean Yourself Off Diet Soda

How to Wean Yourself Off Diet Soda

Last month, the journal Nature published a study that showed consuming non-caloric artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose, is associated with glucose intolerance – a condition leading to higher-than-normal blood glucose levels. Read more

Le Creuset French Oven Giveaway

Le Creuset Dutch Oven Giveaway

We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Le Creuset to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month and promote home cooking.  Enter this giveaway to win a beautiful French Blue French Oven.  Blue, don’t forget, is the color of diabetes awareness! “Gather your … Read more

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