Know Which Way You’re Going

November 28, 2011

Exercising with diabetes is complicated and although it’s generally a good thing, it can make diabetes management more difficult (Catherine Price attests to this). ASweetLife’s resident marathoner, Michael Aviad, found a great tip on that can help prevent exercise-related diabetes problems: test twice. ( Hypoactive, an Australian organization, aims to inspire and enable people with diabetes to live a more physically active lifestyle.  Check out their website!)

Michael always says that the most important thing for him to know before he heads out for a long run is which way he’s going, not geographically speaking, but in terms of blood sugar.  Is it stable?  Is it about to drop?  If you have a CGM, you can see the trend in blood sugar.  If you don’t, take Hypoactive’s advice and test twice before you head out to exercise.   Testing once gives you a snapshot of your blood sugar level at a particular moment in time.  If you test a second time, you will get a better sense of which way your blood sugar level is going.  


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