Summer Reading: Karmel Allison Recommends…

July 20, 2011


Emperor of all MaladiesAre you looking for a good book to take along on your vacation this summer?  All month ASweetLife’s bloggers and contributors will be sharing some of their favorites.

The book I’ve been recommending to everyone this summer is The Emperor of All Maladies, A Biography of Cancer.  It’s a fabulous history of the last 200 years of medicine in this country, and a well-researched guide to the complexities of both the science and politics of cancer. Plus, it’s a page-turner.


Books on my to-read list include:

The Panic Virus, recommended by  Jeff Hitchcock.

Illness as a Metaphor by Susan Sontag


Chasing Medical MiraclesChasing Medical Miracles, The Promise and Perils of Clinical Trials by Alex O’Meara who wrote the beautiful essay, Curing Diabetes: Would I Do It Again?

I also recommend Anna Karenina or anything by Milan Kundera, because everyone should read those.

Karmel Allison writes the blog, Where is My Robo?t Pancreas?

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