World Diabetes Day Le Creuset Giveaway

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Le Creuset blue - 6 piece set
In celebration of World Diabetes Day, and in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, ASweetLife has teamed up with Le Creuset, maker of the famed cast-iron cookware, for an incredible giveaway.  Reinforcing  ASweetLife’s commitment to encouraging healthful eating and home cooking, Le Creuset will be giving away two cast iron sets.  One set includes 5 pieces:  3 1/2 qt. round French oven, 1 1/4 qt. Precision Pour saucepan, and 9 inch Signature skillet.  The second set includes 6 pieces:  5 1/2 qt. round French oven, 2 1/4 qt. saucier, Square Skillet Grill, and 2 1/2 qt. roaster

Both sets will be in Le Creuset’s Marseille Blue, celebrating the international color of diabetes awareness.

You have many chances to win, so be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities.


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Comments (319)

  1. Debra at

    Great giveaway, would love to win!

  2. Darcy J at

    My father has diabetes

  3. WoolyNC at

    The blue would surely brighten up my kitchen.

  4. Bert K at

    My grandmother had diabetes. I’m trying to make better life choices so I don’t follow the same road.

  5. V at

    On this day, I’m thinking that there is still a lot of education to do about this disease… Great giveaway!

  6. Debbie at

    Great idea for giveaway and I’d love to win!  Diabetes runs in my family, I’m diagnosed as pre-diabetic and am working diligently to reverse that. I am sugar free, grain free and am inspired by your great blog to stick with this.  Thanks for all you do! 

  7. Alison at

    My aunt died for diabetes, and my best friend learned when she was in her twenties that she has type I diabetes.  It’s time that they find a cure for this disease and for people to become more educated on the right food choices to steer clear of it if possible.

  8. Debbie at

    Great giveaway! Fortunately no one in my family has diabetes.

  9. Cher B at

    I am pre-diabetic and learning to eat for health. I hope to halt the progress towards diabetes by cooking more consistently with foods that are healthy and delicious. 

  10. Nici at

    Love this idea!

  11. Jen at

    Diabetes has brought my family and I closer as we’ve had to deal with it, learn from it, grow, etc.
    It’s also cause me to do a lot of research in figuring out how to best live with it. I’ve met a lot of great people that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have Diabetes.

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  12. Denise at

    I love this blue Le Creuset cookware.  I have been diabetic for almost 4 yrs now, and it’s the hardest thing to stay on track with that I’ve ever been faced with.  I fall off the wagon a lot, and still don’t have my diabetes under control.  It’s depressing, and I know that affects my relationship with my family because I’m angry about it.  It’d be different if there was a cure, but knowing there isn’t, and that I’ll have this for the rest of my, and a shorten one at that, is devasting.  My father was diagnosed with diabetes around age 60, and died 5 yrs at the age of 74.  I’m only 50, and hope to live many more years to enjoy my 2 grandsons who light up my life, and bring me lots of happiness.  They make me forget about being diabetic for a little while when I’m with them, except when it comes to giving them snacks and preparing their meals.

  13. Deb B at

    My dad is diabetic and have been working hard not to be be the next one in the family

  14. Sarah at

    I’ve had Type 1 for 24 years.

  15. Sarah at

    Thank you!
    Being T1 for 17 years… ups and downs. 

  16. Brenda at

    Diabetes has affected several people in my husbands family.  We are keeping a close watch on my husband as a result but so far he is fine!

  17. Melanie E. at

    It affects my family because I have type 1.  It affects our cooking, how we eat out, how we shop, how we pack for trips, and how we planned for our family!

  18. Darla at

    I have type II diabetes and am trying hard to get it under control.  It affects every aspect of my life… from having to take medicine, cooking, what I eat when I’m on the go.

  19. Karen at

    My son and I both have type 1 D and love to cook. These would be great for our family!

  20. Tricia at

    Recently diagnosed, diabetes has not really affected my family… yet. I think as we walk through this and the more information I gather about this disease, I think we will find that it will impact not only me, but my family as well.

  21. jen dolan at

    I’ve always long to have a creuset piece….and the color!!!  Please, please, please.
    I am borderline diabetic and am doing my best to get healthy again

  22. I’ve had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years  – How crazy is that! 

  23. Lissa at

    I trying to keep from becoming a Type II diabetic 

  24. Kim at

    Great cooking tools-Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. Kim B. at

    that pizza looks wonderful!

  26. Sara at

    Unfortunately diabetes affects my family way too much. My brother, my husband and I all have type 1. 

  27. Crystal at

    Diabetes caused some major health issues with my grandmother, I do not want that to be my outcome, I eat healthy, whole foods. 

  28. Annette at

    My father has diabetes.

  29. Linda at

    My stepdad has had diabetes his whole life and as he ages he has a harder and harder time keeping it under control.  My mom has just been diagnosed with diabetes as well and has started insulin.  It would be soooo awesome to find a cure

  30. Jym at

    I lost my mom to diabetes related illness a decade ago

  31. Kari at

    I would love to win this!  My cousins have severe diabetes and they can’t eat food – they are feed through a tube.

  32. Korby at

    My mother is diabetic.

  33. B at

    Several friends and my dad have diabetes.  Doing more cooking at home with my two boys, watching more of what they eat.  The 6 piece Le Creuset would rock my world.  🙂

  34. Eva at

    my father has diabetis and my sugars are “pre-diabetic”.  i love baked goods and always try to reduce the sugar and/or up the protien and fiber.  so glad i found your site!

  35. Miranda at

    I was diagnosed as Type 1 about a year ago.

  36. Sandra at

    My oldest son at the age of 26 developed type 1 diabetes.  He did very well at first but now he does not eat properly and always has too high of a sugar count…or he just does not take a reading all day.  I will not give up on him…I know it is difficult to change  your life habits…I am praying for him daily.

  37. my great grandmother had diabetes and had to have her leg amputated. shortly thereafter, infection set in to her blood and she passed away. i was very very young and don’t remember much on my own but it is definitely a drive to live healthily! 

  38. Jay at

    Grandparents, parents, and a sibling have/had diabetes. 

  39. DAWN RENEE' at

    My dear friend has a 7 year old with Type I.  He was diagnosed at 2.  I cannot begin to say how heartbreaking this is to watch.  She is so afraid of losing him at night she hardly sleeps (another person just lost her 14 year old in her sleep).  She does everything possible to give him a normal childhood with his 2 brothers, but diabetes is a constant thought with every action. Things we think nothing about such as drinking water can have a major effect on his numbers.  He has been hospitalized too many times to count. Poor baby is great about constant testing of his sugar levels and the shots but cannot handle any other type of shot such as immunizations, can’t blame him, I would feel the same way. My friends personal and professional life has suffered but this is her priority. I also watched my grandmother give herself shots daily as she also was a type I. If I win this, it will be given to my friend for all she does and gives up.

  40. Karen at

    I’ve had T1 since 1979, or more than 3/4s of my life.

  41. Pam True at

    My dad has type II diabetes and my grandfather had diabetes which caused him to have to have both legs amputated. I had gestational diabetes 4 times . I am just learning about insulin resistance and changing my diet.

  42. Jenna at

    My daughter has Type 1. Diabetes affects every minute of every day for us.

  43. John at

    I’m tired of not being able to get this glucose roller coaster level.  Don’t think a cure is reality yet but really need progress in making treatment more functional and effective.  The blue pans rock and gives impetus t to  cook more at home

  44. Auntly H at

    I’ve been living with T1 D for just over 23 years. I do my best to thrive with/in spite of it.

  45. Laura at

    These are gorgeous

  46. Tami at

    There is diabetes on both sides of my family, as well as my husband’s. I’m trying make sure that it’s not an issue for my kids. Great give away, by the way!

  47. Kathryn at

    Thank you for giveaway! My Grandma just passed on but lived her whole life with type 1 diabetes and many complications. Now my Dad has it too from lifestyle. I try to prevent it by rating only whole, unprocessed foods and exercise or move every day. 

  48. Jeffrey at

    My brother has Type II Diabetes and it didn’t start until his mid thirties.  I keeps us mindful of our diet and exercise plan and we really watch what our children eat.

  49. Kathryn at

    My Grandma had type 1 and just passed away, but had many complications during her life. My Dad has T2 so I prevent it by only eating whole foods and exercising daily

  50. Pam at

    Diabetes is a constant companion in family life.

  51. Mary at

    My daughter had type II that has progressed to type I meaning her pancreas has stopped working. It is devastating to have to watch her struggle everyday and know there is not a darn thing I can do to stop it. This set would brighten her day and all her days to come.

  52. Cissy at

    My dad has type 2 & has never followed a strict diet.  I’m trying to change that.

  53. Hanna at

    My grandmother has diabetes, and sometimes acts as though she doesn’t.   It has always been a kind of delicate dance to keep it well managed, especially as she gets older.

  54. Greg at

    My brother’s diabetes changed our entire family’s eating habits growing up. When I was young I didn’t understand at all what was going on! Now he shares with me his cooking habits at college and even sends me some delicious recipies

  55. Type 2 diabetes has affected my entire life history, leaving me without a father when I needed him most, and exacerbating already challenging issues with an eating disorder. 

  56. I LOVE cast iron pots & pans!  Other than my stainless steel waterless cooking pans, they are the only thing I’ll cook on!  I’d LOVE to win!

  57. Diabetes doesn’t actually run in my family!  But I can imagine how hard it would be if someone close to be was diagnosed with it!  I have some thyroid problems, so I know how difficult it is to eat different than every one else! 

  58. Kristy Resciniti at

    Many aunts had it.

  59. Jennifer at

    My mom had drug induced diabetes and I am pre diabetic.  I am trying to lower my carb intake.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  60. Leslie at

    I consider myself keenly aware of diabetes.  My father has type 2, and his own father passes away when he was 15 due to complications from his own type 2.  My dad is the youngest of 6 children, and it’s so very prevalent in his family.  The one thing I have learned is just how important it is to be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth and how each bite has lasting consequences.  

  61. Kathleen Norris at

    I would LOVE to win these amazing pots!

  62. Kerri at

    My grandfather had Diabetes and I watched him suffer for years after his kidneys stopped working. Would love to find a cure for this disease!

  63. Angela at

    I myself have type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and High BP- my Mother passed away from complications due to Diabetes, as well as one of my brothers. A sister in law has it, as well as a few friends with Type 1. So, am very familiar with this disease, unfortunately.  :/

  64. jon at

    My uncle died from complications caused by diabetes.

  65. Sara at

    I have had T1 diabetes for 31 years. 

  66. Brittany S at

    My husband has diabetes and it pushed me to change the way my whole family eats. Now we all eat a diabetes friendly diet because we love and support him!

  67. Lisa at

    Diabetes is pervasive in both my family and my husband’s and having had gestational diabetes myself we are on constant alert for it to raise it’s ugly head in us or our children.  Sadly, there are many families that could say the same.  Cooking meals at home in this beautiful set would be a reminder to be vigilant about what we are eating and feeding our children.

  68. Angela at

    We do not have diabetes in our immediate family, but i am striving to eat and cook meals that will prevent type 2 diabetes.

  69. jenny at

    My grandfather has DMI and my SIL has DMII.

  70. Sara at

    My dad is pre diabetic but has been making awesome changes! He’go cut out carbs and dropped a lot of weight! 

  71. Cathy at

    It is rampant in my family on both sides.  Hoping to minimize my own odds through diet, but we’ll see.

  72. Tori at

    My grandmother had diabetes and passed away from complications due to the disease.

  73. Lynn at

    Because of our family history of diabetes, I try to limit the amount of sugar in our diet.

  74. Shelly at

    My mom is Type 2. My daughter’s friend is Type 1. My best friend is borderline Type 2.

  75. Jason at

    A couple of my family members have type II diabetes. Due to my family, I am always reading about the disease to help care for them. I am at-risk for diabetes myself, and am thus aware of what I eat and of my exercise habits. It would be great to win this set to help cook healthy meals for myself and my family!

  76. Sabina at

    I had gestational diabetes, and I am so thankful my levels went back to normal after I delivered.

  77. Erica at

    my grandfather ended up on dialysis due to diabetes complications…that changes your whole life. It really brings to light the importance of taking care of your health as early as you can. Our whole family eats healthier now!!

  78. Sherri at

    Diabetes runs in my family and I always worry I will develop it. Hope they find a cure someday.

  79. jody estabrook at

    I am type 2 and working closely with my doctor to control it!

  80. Kim at

    My grandmother, mother, sister and aunt have all suffered with diabetes.

  81. Stephanie at

    Diabetes runs in my family (I think due to incredibly poor eating habits) my husband and I are trying to do our part to be healthy so that we will be able to see our daughter grow up. 

  82. Karen at

    I have corrected my T2 diabetes with a low carb diet and a little weight loss!  🙂

  83. Lauren at

    I used to be borderline when severely overweight and the complications can be deadly.  I am praying for all of those who have diabetes and those who care for those with diabetes.  I moved to a high amount of vegetables in my diet, those which don’t raise blood sugar and lost a good amount of weight.  No longer borderline, but the struggle still remains close to my heart.

  84. Julie at

    This would be so awesome – would love some “healthy” cookware – not in my budget right now on my own!

  85. Maria at

    I love Le Creuset cookware and enjoy cooking for our family. By staying home and eating in we are able to have a much healthier diet. Being educated about food can prevent so many illnesses. 

  86. Lauren at

    I used to be borderline when severely overweight and the complications can be deadly.  I am praying for all of those who have diabetes and those who care for those with diabetes.  I moved to a high amount of vegetables in my diet, those which don’t raise blood sugar and lost a good amount of weight.  No longer borderline, but the struggle still remains close to my heart. <3

  87. Jennifer at

    I am a type 2 diabetic.  Every day is a struggle to eat right, test my sugar, take my meds, inject myself multiple times a day.

    These pans would definitely help with healthy eating, and are a gorgeous blue! 

  88. Susan at

    My father died this year of complications from Type II Diabetes.

  89. Katie at

    My uncle was diagnosed much too late and it strongly diminished his eyesight.  hopefully, the rest of us can learn from that and take good care of ourselves to hopefully avoid, at least, type 2.

    Thanks for the opportunity! 

  90. Amanda at

    My mother in law has type 1 diabetes.

  91. marie at

    Both of my grandmothers died from health issues caused by diabetes and a father-in-law I love dearly struggles with it now.

  92. Celeste B. at

    Thankfully I am not affected by diabetes.

  93. Martha at

    This is beautiful! Would love to win!

  94. My grandpa has had diabetes since he was 16 years old. It affects our family because we are always considering his carb intake in his diet and in the meals we prepare. We are always making sure he has checked his blood and is taking enough insulin. He checks is blood 3-4 times a day.

  95. Coral at

    This is a beautiful set and an awesome giveaway  I love my cast iron it rocks and  would enjoy these  Diabetes is a terrible  disease hopeing for a cure  soon

  96. Desiree at

    My husband has Type 1.5, right now he is managing with medication and diet. We are hoping to he won’t have to go over to insulin for a while

  97. Martha at

    It makes us quit eating sugar…

  98. Lisa at

    Several folks in my family are diabetic – by living a low carb lifestyle I have been able to stave off myself!  I am insulin resistant.

  99. Cameron at

    It doesn’t directly affect my family but I have friends who have had to deal with diabetes in the family and I know it can be hard on them.

  100. Dawn at

    I wish people would wake up and change their ways so type 2 diabetes doesn’t take unnecessary life’s. I also hope I win. 

  101. Rebekah P at

    After just being married for 4 months my 21 year old husband got very thin and sick. I was only 18 at the time and made a doctors appt. for him. He found out he has type 1 or juvenile diabetes. It’s affected every day of our lives since then. I’m so in tune with him now that I can tell if he’s low just by looking in his eyes without him saying or doing anything. We’ve had many close calls over the years and scary moments but I wouldn’t trade the 21 years we’ve been married for the world. We just keep living life one day at a time. 

  102. Maggie at

    My grandfather had diabetes, so we are always on a close watch within the family to make sure people stay as healthy as possible

  103. Heather at

    I’ve had type I for 27 years.  I love cooking in cast iron.

  104. molly troop at

    My grandpa had diabetes and until recently I didn’t understand what a big role that played in his life.

  105. karyn at

    My mother, aunt and sister all have type 2 diabetes.

  106. Karen Fetchen at

    When I was about 18 yrs old my Ophthalmologist suggested I get a checkup for diabetes since he thought it I had a sugar problem looking in my eyes.  I had borderline high diabetes.  I’ve always watched very careful what if any ingredients had sugar and avoided them.  Successfully 30+ years later still watch carefully and eat healthy. My mom was also diagnosed a couple years ago and takes medication for Type 2.

  107. Maggie at

    My stepson is a diabetic, so it’s very important that we cook properly in the house. Low carb is definitely “on the menu”, and along with this concern about (all our) health, we’re also concerned about the kind of cookware we’ve been using overr the years. From all the reading I’ve done, it looks like LeCreuset is tops. And these sets in blue are absolutely beautiful! It would be amazing to win one of them!

  108. Katy M at

    I would love one of these to make my father a diabetic friendly meal! thank you! 

  109. My hubby has been diabetic for about 15 years and dependent on insulin daily.  However, after switching to a low carb diet 2 years ago, he’s lost 75 pounds and he’s no longer using insulin.  He is beyond thrilled with his new lifestyle.  I wish it were that easy for all people battling diabetes but unfortunately it’s not.  Hopefully one day, they will find a cure.   

  110. tina at

    my folks have it,,and I worry about their eating habits,,so I cook a lot for them  so this would be a great gift for myself as well as them .

  111. Beth at

    I’ve really been trying to cook at home more, especially now in winter. This cookware would be a beautiful motivator!

  112. Shari I. at

    I am pre-diabetic which is scary since no one did that to me but me (very poor eating habits and little to no exercising). This has been a serious wake-up call. My physician has told me I have to change things NOW to prevent getting diabetes. So, diabetes has affected our me and the health of my family in learning new ways to incorporate cooking healthier and making exercise a regular part of our lives to prevent it from happening. Thanks for sharing this wonderful giveaway and best of luck to all 🙂

  113. Cordelia at

    My grandfather had diabetes and my mom is borderline.

  114. Amy Manwarren at

    There is diabetes on both sides of my family. Cooking and eating right is a must. Love this set. Would love t have it. 

  115. LoriH at

    My dad had Type II diabetes so I have tried to minimize our intake of processed foods and sugar.  This set would be great for all of our scratch cooking!

  116. Frankie G at

    Happy World Diabetes Day!  As a type 2 diabetic, I know how important it is to get an early jump on signs, symptoms, or family history of diabetes. Thankfully, with proper medical care and the correct medications, I have been able to keep my controlled so far, unlike my mother was and some of her siblings.  Be proactive in your own health care! You can be diabetic and still enjoy life!

  117. Lisa E. at

    I, just yesterday, was put on Metformin. I don’t have diabetes…yet, but had some factors and that was a HUGE wakeup call. My grandfather was diabetic, had some toes removed because of it, and eventually died from complications from it. I’m so excited, motivated to make changes NOW so I never have to be affected by diabetes.

    Love, love, love Le Creuset! I have a few that I have found at thrift stores and yard sales. The BEST. 🙂

  118. Laura at

    My grandma had diabetes and when she would babysit me I would always have to watch to make sure she wasn’t having a reaction. 

  119. Pam at

    My brother who is 56 just found out he is diabetic.

  120. My grandfather had complications with diabetes. I only get to see my parents a few times a year, but I want to make healthy and delicious food for them when I can! This set of cookware would definitely come in handy!

  121. Donna at

    I have so many friends that are affected by this horrible disease..  there is always so much to learn and grow from to prevent it as much as possible

  122. Heather at

    Diabetes has affected my family as my maternal grandmother passed away due to it’s complications.  For me personally, besides the loss of her, it affects me as I’m more likely prone to get it with having PCOS, so I try to be careful.

  123. Maryellen at

    Would love to own this gorgeous set!

  124. Tracy Horgan at

    My husband has Type 1 diabetes. It affects our everyday life, including how we cook and eat. We must be healthier and more conscientious about how we eat.

  125. Lisa at

    I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes eight and half months ago.  I am in my early 30s, the low end of my appropriate weight class, a fitness enthusiast and a very healthy eater. I have a strong hereditary factor on my mother side when it comes to this disease.  I got right to work, researching and adapting my diet and exercise to be the healthiest I could be.  I lowered my A1c a full point!  7 1/2 months ago I found out I was pregnant! My numbers were already in an okay range, but I needed to get them down to make sure this baby had the best environment possible.  Following every bit of advice from my medical team I doing three 30 minute sessions of cardio, eating by the book when and it comes to nutrition, and keeping my weight gain to what is advised.  Next appointment 5.8!!! The baby is growing at the right rate and all looks wonderful!  I am now at 30 weeks, and regardless of all the work, insulin has become necessary.  I am now adjusting to a whole new set of circumstances.

    It it has honestly been a roller coaster.  It hurts my soul when people make comments like Type 2 is diabetics bring it on themselves.  There are many misconceptions when it comes to diabetes.  Let’s raise awareness and find a cure!  

  126. Margot C at

    My mother was diabetic and wasn’t diagnosed for many years. A lot of damage was done.

  127. Valerie at

    I am new to this blog. Excited to check it out!

  128. Valerie at

    I Didn’t see the question until after I commented. Many of my family have diabetes, including my Grandmother. As a mother, I am very aware of how many children are being diagnosed with it, and have made a lot of changes to our eating style in the past year. 

  129. TIm Hebda at

    Family and friends have been impacted by diabetes. In my role as a teacher I have also seen how it impacts children and entire households. 

  130. Jessica Turner at

    My grandfather has diabetes and Alzheimers, which has been recently referred to as diabetes type III.  Would love this prize to cook healthy meals for my family and prevent diseases like this in the future.

  131. Maureen at

    My son was diagnosed with Type 1 a year ago, and among other things we now count carbs and we keep a lot fewer traditional baked goods around the house.

  132. Marilyn at

    My husband is a diabetic, we’ve been following a high-fat, low carb, medium protein lifestyle since the end of March with postive results. Thanks for the opportunity to win the set

  133. Ben at

    How does diabetes affect me? I guess I could write a novel on this… My S.O. has T1D and it has changed my whole life. I’m constantly thinking about it, but I don’t notice until I go visit my family and watch them casually consume an entire bag of chips or a bowl of rice or pasta.  

  134. Judy W at

    My boyfriend is diabetic…Adult-onset. It has affected both our lives, his most certainly. Thankfully he’s on top of it & is aware of his do’s & don’ts.

  135. Wayne M at

    From grandparents with T2 to good friends with newly diagnosed T1 children to coworkers who learned they were diabetic during clinical research we were conducting, everywhere I turn, diabetes is a part of my life.

  136. David S at


  137. Julie S at

    I’d love to win!

  138. Stephanie M. at

    Well,  I went a long time not even knowing I had diabetes.  I had severe depression and I always had problems with my stomach including but not limited to infertility.  I was diagnosed in 2010. One diagnosed I made a lifestyle change.  I changed the way I ate and my activity level. I lost 70 lbs through this process and was able to get pregnant.  My daughter is just turning 1 year old and we couldn’t be happier. 

  139. Sarah at

    I would love to win this for my husband, he is such a great cook! It would help to make healthier meals for my three kids.  

  140. Wendy at

    I eat healthier pin general as a result. 

  141. Michelle Hand at

    My mother and uncle struggle with diabetes.

  142. Brenda Combs at

    I have diabetes. I have to watch what i eat all the time. Hard to go places sometimes .Would love to win.

  143. Brea at

    I’ve seen it debilitate my grandmother and many family members. I have PCOS, but thanks to going gluten free and low carb, I’m FINALLY for the first time in my life losing weight and getting healthy.

  144. Wehaf at

    I have a good friend with diabetes, and it affects when and what she can eat.

  145. Keri B. at

    Various people in my family & my fiance’s family have diabetes, and I see the struggles they go through and how it affects their lives. My fiance and I are both at risk for diabetes, and that’s why we’re changing our lifestyle to a low-carb diet and more exercise, in hopes of preventing it. 

  146. Laurie at

    My grandmother lost her sight to diabetes. My husband was diagnosed as prediabetic about 3 years ago. He started a low carb diet and an exercise regimen soon after, lost 100 pounds, and is now healthy again.

  147. Abigail at

    My four year old brother was diagnosed with T1D (type 1 diabetes) almost a year ago. He is a super trooper! Praying for a cure!

  148. Ruby at

    Watching what Type II Diabetes did to my grandmother and my father has stepped up my own health care. Making your own food is HUGE in keeping yourself healthy. I hope I’ve taught my children well when it comes to eating real food.

  149. Nadine at

    Very strong in my family and i now have insulin resistance.

  150. Piedad at

    These are gorgeous sets! Maybe I will be lucky and will get to cook in one of them!

  151. Julie S at

    My grandmother has diabetes. I’m quite certain that her diabetes contributed heavily to her memory loss and alzheimer’s. 

  152. Biggi at

    too many of my friends have diabetes and i am a hypoglycemic, i often get mistaken as a diabetic and basically i have to treat myself as if a am. at least i know how it feels having to be careful and best to live a low carb life…

  153. No one in my family has diabetes, however I have a good friend that was diagnosed and he used to make fun of me for my health and fitness lifestyle and he decided to use me as inspiration to turn his health around. He lost 50lbs and is in the best health and shape of his life and said he owes it all to me. That made me feel great I was able to help him reverse his disease because I lead by example

  154. Monica at

    I am a pre-Diabetic and just recently diagnosed Gluten Sensitive. In need of new cookware and would love to win.

  155. Karen at

    I am a T1 and T2 runs in my husband’s family. Cooking healthy not only will help keep us healthy, it will hopefully set a good example for my daughters.

  156. Elena Vo at

    My friend Sandy has diabetes. We’ve known each other for almost twenty years. She’s like a second mom to my kids and I worry about her sometimes.

  157. Kerry at

    I was borderline Type 2 for several years, until I went Paleo.  Now my sugar levels are consistently in the ‘normal’ range.  Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful set of cookware and also for the yummy recipes!

  158. Rebecca Peterson at

    My father has type 2.

  159. Kimberly at

    While I’m lucky in that no one close to me currently has diabetes,  I’m doing all I can to prevent developing diabetes later in life by starting now to limit the carbohydrates I consume.

  160. Laura at

    My daughter was just diagnosed and it’s changing so much for us… strict diet, waking up each night, being prepared, tons of money on meds, always running out for more meds, carrying supplies and being prepared… we are very blessed to have jobs that are super close to her at school! 

  161. Mary Anna at

    I’m not diabetic – but if I had kept eating the ‘Standard American Diet’, I sure would have been!  Thank goodness for low carb!

  162. Jenny W. at

    My dad is diabetic, and several of my other family members are as well.  I lost an uncle to diabetes a few years ago.  I ran 2 half marathons and a full by training with Team Diabetes here in Phoenix, to help raise money for diabetes research.

  163. heather z at

    My husband has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. So I am learning a lot about cooking better for him and our family. Everyone on his side of the family has diabetes. I need to teach our young children how to eat properly for the future. 

  164. Kimly at

    Love to see how much awareness this is bringing! 

  165. Liz at

    Many people in my family have diabetes, to the point where I went to a low-carb diet to minimize my risks of developing it too. I have become more aware of what food I put into my body. As a result of this, I’ve lost over 40 pounds in 6 months.

  166. Laurel H at

    My 28 yr old daughter and my sister were recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. My sister’s husband is also diabetic and has already lost a toe because of it. We all need to adopt a new lifestyle, eating healthier and becoming more active than we are. I have learned through them how serious this disease can be.

  167. Amanda H at

    I have been Type 1 diabetic since 9/11/99 and so far no other immediate family members are which I am thankful for. 

  168. I am borderline diabetic. I am working hard to eat exceptionally healthy and keep my blood sugar level at a nice level. In doing so, I hope to keep it under control, so I don’t have to take insuline. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful set of better cookware than I have currently! I will put it to very good use!!!

  169. Landileigh at

    Diabetes affects my kidneys. I have stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

  170. Denise Upton at

    I would love this enameled cast iron set as I feel it is one of the safest types of cookware to use. I love the color pictured. This would be a great way to make healthy meals and ward off diabetes.

  171. Lani Martinez at

    A year ago my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. They prescribed medication for him but my husband decided to fight it with diet and exercise. He joined me in my clean, low carb eating style and starting exercising. He lost 30 pounds and his blood sugar seems to be normal when he checks it. His next physical is in December and I can not wait to see the Drs surprised because he basically told my husband to take the meds as most people do not follow thru with diet and exercise. I guess my hubby is not most people! So proud of him. It is just a way of life now!

  172. Tracy at

    My grandmother was an insulin-dependent diabetic and then on dialysis at the end of her life. She was always fit, and religious about her diet and her insulin regimen and it made us all especially aware of keeping track of our own diets and health.

  173. April at

    My family makes a point of staying informed about diabetes as well as other diseases. It gives us the motivation we need to take care of ourselves. Thank you for the giveaway!

  174. Claudette Melanson at

    My whole family has diabetes but I cut sugar and grain to make sure I don’t

  175. rust at

    My mom and two of my sisters are diabetic ….so I am acutely aware of how lifestyle and diet can make such a difference in quality of life.

  176. Tamara at

    My mother-in-law has diabetes.

  177. Kerri at

    I watched my grandfather struggle for years with kidney failure due to Diabetes. I would love to find a cure in my lifetime!

  178. nicole at

    Awesome giveaway. I have a few family members with diabetes.

  179. Kristen at

    I have a family member with adult onset diabetes.

  180. Michelle at

    Love this giveaway! My grandma suffered with diabetes for years 🙁

  181. Kym at

    I have two older siblings who are diabetic; my father was also.  My sisters heart is affected and my brother just had a kidney transplant.  I am very aware that I could have the same fate and I am working at eating well and trying to stay fit.  What a thoughtful giveaway 🙂 

  182. Jeniffer Ingrid Rose at

    My mom was a diabetic; my big sis is insulin dependent  type1 so was my grandma. I am trying very hard not to develop it by making my diet better. Thank heavens for your blog which informs and inspires!! Keep up the sterling work you do!

  183. Susan Lynn at

    I first used LeCruset working at a cooking school and fell in love right away. Now I’m ready to set up my son in college with the best cookware ever!!! Hoping I’m the lucky one!!!

  184. Susan Lynn at

    My mother has late onset type 2 along with all of her siblings, I surely would get it to except for Maria Mind Body Health…I am on day 3 and hope to stay clear of Diabetes for me and my family!

  185. Sherrie Lee Nelson at

    Things have changed so much in awareness and what REALLY affects blood sugar levels from when I was a little girl and my Great Grandma and Grandma both had diabetes.  A few changes and I can eat anything I want thanks to all the wonderful posts and websites that decrease carbs and increase fiber in great tasting, healthy food!  Thank you all!

  186. Margi Lowry at

    My family is affected by Type 2 diabetes in that my maternal grandfather had it, my brother has it, I had gestational diabetes with 2 out of 3 of my pregnancies, and am doing everything I know how to beat back a diagnosis of Type 2!

  187. Kelly Schaefer at

    My father has diabetes and I know I am at risk.  Working hard to delay the onset for as long as possible.

  188. Carmen at

    Fantastic menu for today.  Thank you.

  189. Reesha at

    My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and I have decided to follow a low-carb diet, so he has benefited so much from this.  These low-carb recipes have been a wonderful help!

  190. Alycia at

    My husband is a Type 1 diabetic and it affects every facet of our lives – the food we consume, what we need to tell our son for safety, exercise, even our life insurance.  It’s really hard.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com 

  191. Shannon at

    My best friend has Type 1, it’s a part of my life too!

  192. Tamara Hamilton at

    My Mom is a diabetic. Thanks for sharing

  193. Doreen at

    I would love to win the cook set! I don’t have diabetes, but have several family members who have had it. I like to follow a low carb lifestyle.

  194. Mary at

    Sugar and all the foods that the body turns into sugar have many negative health consequences.  Chromium Picolinate and Cinnamon have really helped our family when you overindulge. 

  195. Diabetes effects our family because of me, I am pre diabetic and need to be careful

  196. Beth at

    My cousin was diagnosed with type I at 5 years old.

  197. Holly at

    My father is in the latter part of diabetes. Unfortunately, he will not be with us for much longer.

  198. melinda wyckoff at

    My father in law died from complications of adult onset diabetes, i fear my husband is destined to join him.  NOT IF i can help it! I am so glad to find this website, I already follow Maria and Carolyn. I Breathe, I’m Hungry looks great too.  Thanks for the opportunity to win the cookware.

  199. Emily at

    I’ve been dreaming of owning a Le Creuset for years! And fighting off diabetes, too. haha.

  200. Emily at

    I am trying to keep diabetes away, as I have insulin resistance. I believe I have inherited these problems as my father and I have both started wheat and sugar free diets to improve our health, and it seems to be working for both of us.

  201. Teresa at

    So important to teach our children healthy eating habits.  Thank you to Le Crueset for supporting diabetes awareness 🙂

  202. Shawna at

    My father, father in law, & mother in law all have type 2 diabetes. My husband is also borderline. We cook a lot, pretty healthy too, now to try & get the gluten out of his diet! This set looks awesome,  I’ve always wanted a cast iron set. Thanks for the chance!

  203. Crystal K at

    My grandfather died of diabetes complications when my mom was young so I never even got to meet him.

  204. Kelly at

    My fathers whole side of his family has diabietes as well as myself:(

  205. Jenn at

    My father in law is diabetic. We try to encourage recipe substitutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

  206. Denise M at

    Most of my family is in the pre-diabetic stage including me and I am only 32. I have two uncles that have full blown diabetes and it scares me to watch them unhealthy

  207. Jennifer Oliva at

    My son felt sick last year- and ended up in the ICU!  No one, including his doctor, suspected Diabetes.  Now, we control it through diet thanks to blogs like this one!

  208. Heather at

    Nobody in my family has diabetes but my brother-in-law has it and has had complications.

  209. Martha at

    Hmmm it doesn’t really affect me or any of my family.

  210. Maria at

    My dad just got diagnosed with Type 2 DM.  As a healthcare provider, I’m terrified of the complications he may develop by not altering his lifestyle.

  211. Vickie at

    My daughter at age 11 was diagnosed with T1D.  It has changed the way we eat, drink and sleep.  I have learned to cook healthier and I am more aware of a healthy lifestyle.  My daughter has been on the pump for a few months and life is much better and as “normal” as any other kid at school.

  212. Sarah V at

    Diabetes has been on both sides of my family.  I have an uncle who is missing 1/3 of his foot and both eyes because of it.  What a horrible disease.

  213. Debbie Jennings at

    Started a low carb, no sugar, no wheat diet a few months ago after a diagnosis of “pre-diabetes”   Want to turn this thing around now.  Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to enter.

  214. Alexis at

    My grandmother is diabetic, and I see it affecting her more and more as she ages.

  215. Jamie Karutz at

    My 8 year old has had type 1 diabetes for 5 years; I’m not sure we remember life before the big D!  I looooove Le Creuset.  I have 2 pieces and it’s the best, ever.  I really want to change out my entire cooking set for Le Creuset.  It may take me a while!

  216. Casey at

    both my great grandmother’s have diabetes

  217. EB at

    It’s kind of affecting everyone in some way or another as it is a growing epidemic. I was insulin resistant and the threat of diabetes as well as other health issues is what convinced me to take control of my health through diet. 
    I have family and friends getting diagnosed with diabetes, and it’s scary. It makes me want to educate myself more and educate others about what is truly healthy eating.

  218. Kaye at

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  219. Kaye at

    What a wonderful giveaway!  Like the cookware much better than trying to get the CAPTCHA Code correct.  Is it just me? :\

  220. Michele H at

    I have Type 2 Diabetes, as does my brother and my uncle. I also work with several other people who have Type 2 as well.

  221. Dawn at

    I developed gestational diabetes with all three kids and am now pre-diabetic. Both parents are pre-diabetic, too, so we exchange diet tips. 

  222. crystal at

    Diabetes is in every corner of our family. As a mother I’m scared for my children and I’m trying hard to break the cycle. 

  223. Julie H at

    I’m a late onset T1 myself. So grateful to have found A Sweet Life – what a fabulous resource and community.

  224. Gail at

    I remember when visiting my cousin, walking in on him giving himself a shot of insulin, in the gut.  That made me pause and thing as a kid.  Today as an adult I am now having to watch my own diet and my husbands. 

  225. Krissy at

    Type II diabetes does not effect my family yet, but with my current lifestyle… it just might….. I have no self control.

  226. James Green at

    It runs rampantly in my family.

  227. Mead at

    Those are lovely.  

  228. nancy at

    Both my DH and I have type2 diabetes and we are vigilant with checking our blood sugar and eating carefully.

  229. Megan at

    We are sugar-free and Lord willing diabetes free. It runs in the family so we are doing our best to make smart choices now!

  230. gina at

    It doesnt affect us at all personally, but we still monitor what we eat and try to be as healthy as possible.

  231. Volanta Peng at

    Diabetes has never been a problem in my family though I still wish they’d change their diets!

  232. Cyndi at

    Being Type 1 who uses an Insulin Pump and a CGM I am always looking for more info!

  233. Karen at

    One of my siblings has diabetes and I watch her struggle with food choices.

  234. Jamie Leigh Martin at

    Both of us have begun to show symptoms, so we’re trying to be more mindful.

  235. Wendy at

    I am a Toe I diabetic and have been for 37 yes. I am so thankful for finding Maria Mind body Health to help me manage my disease. What a great give away.

  236. Leela at

    We’re trying to lessen diabetes effects…  Thank you!

  237. Brianna at

    Type 1 for just over 22 years, and have an older and younger sister that are also near the 20 year mark!

  238. Beth at

    Diabetes affects my family in so many ways. From weekly meal planning to extra preparation that is needed for trips and vacations. Managing diabetes is a 24/7/365 job! 

  239. Christine J. at

    My younger sister was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes a little over 15 years ago. She has given birth to three beautiful and healthy children, and I am one proud Aunt and sister. 🙂 Recently, she has started being disciplined with a low carb, low sugar diet and has seen tremendous improvements in her health!

  240. Debbie at

    My mother and my husband’s grandmother and her sister, mu son in law’s father, several friends, one friend’s little girl, our late cat, and neighbor’s dogs all have diabetes!! We are very aware of the ways it has affected us all. Not just the diabetic. Awareness is so a important. Thank you for helping with that!

  241. Els at

    My nephew has t1d, it is a constant struggle for a kid to make healthy choices in today’s world.

  242. Kelly D at

    My dad takes a pill a day to keep his blood sugar low.

  243. Kim at

    I’ve wanted a Le Creuset set for years! I would love to win…

  244. anne hill at

    my mom has diabetes! it affects us daily – we exercise & food plan!

  245. anne hill at

    my mom has diabetes! it affects us daily – we exercise & food plan!

  246. Allison D at

    My mother is borderline so she is working to improve her diet. Also as a teacher I work with children who have diabetes.

  247. Meghan Finley at

    Both Type 1 and Type 2 in the family. We are working hard to prevent it in next generation

  248. Andrina G at

    It runs on both sides of my family, It affects their diet and emotions

  249. Robin Wilson at

    My father has diabetes and his father passed away due to complications of diabetes so it is in our thoughts every day.

  250. sarah w at

    my grandma had it.

  251. Ceil at

    20 years of type 1 diabetes. I’ve learned to eat better and know what my body is saying to me and each and every day is a struggle.

  252. Beth at

    My little guy was recently diagnosed with type 1  a couple of months after his second birthday

  253. Terrie at

    My immediate family has been blessed to not have diabetes but we are trying to modify our eating habits for preventive measures in an attempt to avoid it in the future. 

  254. Hope S at

    My mother died at the age of 50 from complications with Diabetes (type 1) and my father has Type 2.  I am trying to implement healthier alternatives into my own families’ daily diet before it’s too late.  

  255. Debbie Jackson at

    All four grandparents, both my parents and 3 of my siblings are already diabetics.

  256. Kristi at

    I work with diatetic patients on a regular basis

  257. Ashley at

    My mother was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes when I was 9 years old and has since been living with the disease. We have all made changes to help make this easier. I have since been trying to improve my health so I minimize my risk for diabetes.

  258. Stine at

    Diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of one and a half! Almost 40
    years later it’s amazing to look back on how life has changed! 

  259. Stine at

    Diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of one and a half! Almost 40 years later it’s amazing to look back on how life has changed! 

  260. Jenny G at

    As a type 1 diabetic, I like to cook so that I know what is in the food I am eating. I would love to win Le Creuset pans! And that blue color is very pretty…

  261. Melinda H at

    I’m pre-diabetic. When I found out, I had to drastically change my diet.  I was vegan before the diagnosis, and now I mostly eat a low-carb diet full of animal products!  It has been a big change.

  262. Pam at

    My relatives had diabetes. It was hard on their diet when eating out or eating at family get togethers

  263. Dot at

    It’s in the family but I do think it really takes hold with diet factors. It’s a carb intolerance disease.

  264. Allison at

    I have several family members with it

  265. Alisa at

    Thanks for bringing awareness to this cause. I also hope the medical profession will help promote preventive measures so fewer people develop diabetes in the future!

  266. Heather at

    Diabetes runs in my family.  I love the website & thank you for what you do!

  267. Julie at

    I was diagnosed with Type 1.5 at the age of 44. It has prompted me to be an even more conscious eater, not as carb-centric as I realized it was once I made changes.

  268. latanya at

    It runs on my dad’s side, but we try to eat healthy to avoid it

  269. Sharon Osthus at

    Diabetes was never a problem for our family and now we are starting to see it.  Thanks for helping us to learn more.

  270. Sharon at

    Starting to see it in our family.  Thanks for helping us to learn more.

  271. Elise at

    I want this!!!

  272. Beth K. at

    In just a couple of weeks, I will celebrate my 44th anniversary of living with T1 diabetes. That’s right — celebrate!  Because even though nobody WANTS a chronic disease, I have made a life with it and it is part of me and who I am. I can’t imagine living without diabetes at this point!  So I will drink a toast to another year of living successfully with the Big D.  Cheers!

  273. christopher at

    It may sound strange, but being diagnosed with T1D at the age of 30 has made my family and friends much healthier.  I was always in great shape, ate well and even played a major college sport.  Nobody could believe I had “diabetes.”  Since then, I have learned more than I could have imagined about nutrition and the way the human body is engineered.  Now, I make all my meals at home and those closest to me have taken the journey, too.  Maybe it was a blessing in disguise!

  274. Sara G at

    i have had type 1 for 22 years. It is no where on either side of our family in either form. 

  275. Heather at

    My brother’s ex-wife has Type 1 diabetes, so I learned more about the disease while she was part of our family.

  276. Mary Dexter at

    We probably eat healthier: more fruits and vegetables, fewer casseroles.  My husband sleeps more lightly because he worries I won’t live through the night.

  277. While I’d like to sound mature and say I’ve done a good job, I have to admit I’m still struggling. Luckily the struggles are countered by good days.

  278. Kelly c at

    I am a type 1 and it affects my entire family.  We all watch what we eat and exercise.  

  279. Susan at

    My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 2.5 years ago and it has totally changed what I cook.

  280. I’ve had type 1 for over 23 years.

  281. Both my parents have diabetes, as did my former father-in-law who died from it.

    What I’ve learned is that if you take the steps to control it – you can. If, like my former father-in-law, you think that “just a little bit (more than a little bit) can’t hurt” EVERYDAY, then guess what – it can and WILL…

  282. Joanne at

    Being recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in my late 20s… need all the support I can get!

  283. Rhonda B at

    LOVE the blue pots and pans! Would remind me I need to cook more 🙂

  284. Type 1 for 27 years, here. 

  285. Vivian at

    My son is almost to his 9 year D-aversary of Type 1 diabetes.  My husband has MS and I call them my Blue bears.  Hubby’s nickname is Blue and we wear Blue quite often to show support for PWD’s and their awesomeness.  🙂

  286. Fabulous give-away! I am a mom to 3 kids with Type 1. I try to cook healthy – somedays Im more successful than others. Ive always wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven. My friend has a fun orange one and loves it. I’ll keep sharing the give-away post. You should know I got here via Tim Brand of who shared it on Facebook. Ive shared the contest on my own blog as well. Good luck to all and thank you ASweetLife and Le Creuset for the opportunity to win. Cheers. 

  287. Heidi at

    15 years of type 1 diabetes. I want a cure,so my kid will never have to go through all this.(or anyone else’s kid)

  288. Sweetstuff at

    I have type 1. I want this set for my mom. 

  289. KarenW at

    My daughter, who is now 8 1/2, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 2 years ago.

  290. Suzanne at

    My child has T1 diabetes

  291. Diane at

    This would be wonderful. I’m type 2, diagnosed three years ago.

  292. Jen L. at

    My dear friend has 2 elementary age children with Diabetes and I’d love to win this set for her.

  293. Christine at

    My child has Type 1 Diabetes.

  294. Jamey at

    Diabetes has been in my family for generations. I would love to break this cycle.

  295. Lisa Sedtal at

    My maternal grandparents had it and many of my aunts and cousins.  My brother has also recently been diagnosed with it.  I eat low carb to try to avoid developing it.

  296. My cousin just died Sunday from complications of a surgery with the underlying cause being Diabetes. Age 56…too young.

  297. Cheryl H. at

    Diagnosed t2 10 years ago.

  298. Cristi at

    I am not diabetic, but have struggled with insulin resistance and have had to eliminate certain foods from my diet to get healthy, including sugar.

  299. Denise C. at

    I’m being checked for it as we speak….have had it in my family…learning more everyday!  Thanks for the effort for awareness!

  300. Nikki at

    Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. I try to watch my weight and diet. I am currently 10 weeks post partum trying to lose pregnancy weight. 

  301. Laura at

    Thank you for the chance.  I have two daughters with T1D.

  302. Melanie at

    I have type 1 diabetes.

  303. Greg at

    My wife has type 1 diabetes.

  304. Sharon Looper at

    I just recently found out that I have been insulin resistant since I was in my early 20’s. I am now 53. I am doing my best to learn how to control my fasting blood sugar. So much to learn. 

  305. kesha at

    My aunt is diabetic and I try to bake her goodies that she is able to eat!  I also like to keep my carb and sugar intake in check!

  306. katy at

    I have one child with T1D and, during a research study, was diagnosed with T1D myself (LADA).

  307. darlene at

    My father died with diabetes.

  308. D Shin at

    My daughter, 21 years old, had type 1 diabetes for 10 months. My family had really hard time this year. Now we feel that we can control this disease with insulin, diet and family love. I hope all of you have good luck.

  309. Brandy at

    Our youngest was dx with T1 almost 2 years ago and everyday I am amazed by her strength and realiance. 

  310. Lani Kroemer at

    I have two aunts with type 2 diabetes and a grandmother who did too.

  311. Awesome… I want that French Oven!  Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  312. Vicki Kron at

    I have Type 2 diabetes and I help other diabetics learn to manage and control their blood sugar by eating Low Carb and exercising on a dialy basis.

    It’s my goal to reach one million other type 2 diabetics so they can help themselves control their disease.

    Thanks for doing a great job with all the Low Carb recipes, now we have something we can eat without guilt and without raising our blood sugars. 

  313. Brea at

    I’m type one, only 16 years old. I love cooking and baking. It’s my passion! I love cooking dinner for my family! My dream is to one day open a bakery or restaurant. 

  314. Katie at

    My sweet 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year, She is my hero!

  315. Heather at

    Hello!  I was curious to know who the winners were.  Thanks!

  316. Kathy H. at

    Love the color.  I’m a type 2.

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