World Diabetes Day Le Creuset Giveaway

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Le Creuset blue - 6 piece set
In celebration of World Diabetes Day, and in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, ASweetLife has teamed up with Le Creuset, maker of the famed cast-iron cookware, for an incredible giveaway.  Reinforcing  ASweetLife’s commitment to encouraging healthful eating and home cooking, Le Creuset will be giving away two cast iron sets.  One set includes 5 pieces:  3 1/2 qt. round French oven, 1 1/4 qt. Precision Pour saucepan, and 9 inch Signature skillet.  The second set includes 6 pieces:  5 1/2 qt. round French oven, 2 1/4 qt. saucier, Square Skillet Grill, and 2 1/2 qt. roaster

Both sets will be in Le Creuset’s Marseille Blue, celebrating the international color of diabetes awareness.

You have many chances to win, so be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities.


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Comments (319)

  1. Cristi at

    I am not diabetic, but have struggled with insulin resistance and have had to eliminate certain foods from my diet to get healthy, including sugar.

  2. Denise C. at

    I’m being checked for it as we speak….have had it in my family…learning more everyday!  Thanks for the effort for awareness!

  3. Nikki at

    Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. I try to watch my weight and diet. I am currently 10 weeks post partum trying to lose pregnancy weight. 

  4. Laura at

    Thank you for the chance.  I have two daughters with T1D.

  5. Melanie at

    I have type 1 diabetes.

  6. Greg at

    My wife has type 1 diabetes.

  7. Sharon Looper at

    I just recently found out that I have been insulin resistant since I was in my early 20’s. I am now 53. I am doing my best to learn how to control my fasting blood sugar. So much to learn. 

  8. kesha at

    My aunt is diabetic and I try to bake her goodies that she is able to eat!  I also like to keep my carb and sugar intake in check!

  9. katy at

    I have one child with T1D and, during a research study, was diagnosed with T1D myself (LADA).

  10. darlene at

    My father died with diabetes.

  11. D Shin at

    My daughter, 21 years old, had type 1 diabetes for 10 months. My family had really hard time this year. Now we feel that we can control this disease with insulin, diet and family love. I hope all of you have good luck.

  12. Brandy at

    Our youngest was dx with T1 almost 2 years ago and everyday I am amazed by her strength and realiance. 

  13. Lani Kroemer at

    I have two aunts with type 2 diabetes and a grandmother who did too.

  14. Awesome… I want that French Oven!  Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  15. Vicki Kron at

    I have Type 2 diabetes and I help other diabetics learn to manage and control their blood sugar by eating Low Carb and exercising on a dialy basis.

    It’s my goal to reach one million other type 2 diabetics so they can help themselves control their disease.

    Thanks for doing a great job with all the Low Carb recipes, now we have something we can eat without guilt and without raising our blood sugars. 

  16. Brea at

    I’m type one, only 16 years old. I love cooking and baking. It’s my passion! I love cooking dinner for my family! My dream is to one day open a bakery or restaurant. 

  17. Katie at

    My sweet 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last year, She is my hero!

  18. Heather at

    Hello!  I was curious to know who the winners were.  Thanks!

  19. Kathy H. at

    Love the color.  I’m a type 2.

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