‘Diabesties’, CDN’s New App, available in Apple App Store

The College Diabetes Network (CDN) in partnership with Ayogo is pleased to announce the release of its Diabesties app for iPhone. “Diabesties” harnesses the power of social accountability and engagement to benefit people living with diabetes. The application creates a dialogue between friends, providing real-time troubleshooting, motivation, and peer support. In addition, the application effortlessly records all of the information entered, providing easy to read logs both within the application itself, and exportable for further analysis by users or their doctors.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease that demands intense daily management, as well as self-motivation, self-control, constant attention, and an advanced understanding of one’s own body.  Despite the necessity of recording detailed information throughout the day, a survey administered in May 2011 showed that 64% of individuals using insulin do not log their blood sugar test results. The “Diabesties” concept was brought to life by CDN’s program director after she started texting with several friends who were also struggling to manage their diabetes while on their college campus. CDN was created for young adults living with Type 1 diabetes, however the application can also be utilized by all ages (over 13), as well as by individuals with Type 2 diabetes.  

For more information on Diabesties and the College Diabetes Network (CDN), visit their website at www.collegediabetesnetwork.org.

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