FDA Approves t:connect Diabetes Management Application for Use With Tandem’s t:slim Insulin Pump

Tandem Diabetes Care LogoThe U.S. FDA cleared Tandem’s t:connect Diabetes Management Application, the web-based data management companion to the t:slim Insulin Pump.

The t:connect Application is a Mac and PC-compatible data management software application that provides t:slim pump users and their healthcare providers a fast, easy, and visual way to display data from the pump and supported blood glucose meters. This software empowers users to quickly and easily identify meaningful information and patterns, which allows them to fine-tune therapy and lifestyle choices for improved diabetes management.

The t:connect Application makes pump and meter data simple to understand with color-coded graphs and interactive reports. Data uploads from the t:slim Pump to the t:connect Application through a micro-USB connection without interrupting insulin delivery.

Tandem's tconnect

The t:connect features include:

  • Built in “smart logic” manages duplicate blood glucose readings from your pump and meter to ensure report accuracy
  • Built-in logbook and notes make it easy to track daily activities
  • Custom reports allow you to quickly generate insightful personalized reports for discussion with healthcare providers and caregivers
  • Hosted on highly secure and HIPAA-compliant servers

All t:slim Pump users will be able to download the t:connect application from Tandem’s website by the end of March 2013.

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