New FlowSmart Infusion Set Approved by FDA

BD-logoThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Becton Dickinson Medical’s (BD) application to begin production of its novel FlowSmart insulin infusion set, designed to improve insulin delivery with less pain. The FlowSmart insulin infusion set was developed in collaboration with JDRF and the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

The new infusion set is designed for use with insulin pumps sold in the U.S., and studies show that it has significantly fewer flow interruptions and blockages than regular sets. The smaller needle also causes less insertion site trauma.

Infusion sets are a critical part of effective insulin-pump therapy, yet these sets have seen little innovation over the years. More than six years ago, JDRF Research and BD Diabetes Care leadership helped bridge that gap through a multi-year partnership with BD and a seven-figure investment by JDRF and the Helmsley Charitable Trust to develop FlowSmart technology.

This new infusion technology could play an important role in developing highly reliable and effective artificial pancreas systems, which aim to require little monitoring and action on the part of the user.


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