5 Wedding Planning Tips for People With Diabetes

Wedding Planning Tips for People with DiabetesI have Type 1 diabetes, and I recently got married.  It was a smallish wedding with 65 guests at a local farm. We rented out the cabins on site, had bouncy houses and a mechanical bull, an all you can eat roast beef dinner, and a bonfire.

It was the best day of my life, absolutely no question, and it went off with almost no hitches.

Taking a step back, however, I have to admit that planning my wedding took a lot of thought, and included steps that someone who doesn’t live with diabetes may not have to take. Here are five wedding planning tips to make sure your day is perfect.

1. The Dress, Suit, or Tux

I’m going to guess that wearing a dress may be a more complex issue than a suit or tux when living with diabetes, but it’s important to take in to consideration the space allotted for your pump and CGM (if you wear these). Before you have your alterations done, make sure your CGM and infusion set are on the same location you will be wearing them on your wedding day. That will prevent any lumps, etc,  from being visible. You can also ask your tailor to insert an extra pouch on the inside of your dress clothes to hold everything.

2. Hair and Makeup

The hair and makeup appointment will probably take longer than you anticipate. Some brides forget to eat throughout the day, but for people with diabetes that could be dangerous. Be sure to plan ahead and schedule your appointments around your diabetes/eating schedule.

3. Prepare Your Attendants

Informing your attendants of any symptoms you show when you’re experiencing a low or high blood sugar is really important. The day is extremely emotional, and you may not be able to feel your blood sugar swings as well as usual. Ask them to keep an eye on you, remind you to check, and treat. Be sure they know how to use a glucagon as well, and stash it in someone’s purse or pocket for the day.

4. Have a Bag with Supplies

here are glamorous options for a small purse to match your outfit on the day-of. When shopping for a bag make sure you’ll be able to fit the absolute necessities in it: a glucose meter, strips, an extra infusion set, insulin, a syringe and some fast acting sugar.

5. Don’t Let Diabetes Put a Dent in Your Day

This may be difficult because people with diabetes are always thinking about our blood sugar.  On wedding day you deserve to eat your meals and enjoy your toasts without diabetes anxiety. Consider asking your loved ones to keep an eye on you. If you have a lot of food, a candy bar, cake, etc,  enjoy it! Just be sure to check in with your meter regularly, correct and move on. If your blood sugar is a bit high, dance it off!

With the right preparation you will be able to put diabetes on the back burner and be fully present on your special day.

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