Reviewing the T1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster

Reviewing the T1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster

I’ve been on the Medtronic 640g for a few years now, and I have had to replace the clip (that attaches the pump to my pants) over and over again.  The nice people at my Medtronic local distributor have given me a few new clips, and when I had to replace a pump that cracked, I got a new clip to go with it.

But every time I went out to run, I had to be extremely careful not to pull on the pump. This made it hard to check my BG while moving. I was always a little nervous before a big race or run, or before I travel, that the clip would snap. So, after the last time my pump clip broke, I went online and searched for an alternative.

Searching Amazon for Medtronic 670G clips I found a bunch of sellers selling original clips. I also found the “Type 1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster (Medtronic 670G Stealth Holster with 1.5 Inch Vertical Clip) – SAY Goodbye to Broken Clips! (Black)”.

I ordered it immediately, but it didn’t arrive the first time. So, I ordered it again and it arrived within a few days.

I wasn’t thrilled with its military look but since it’s called ‘tactical,’ I wasn’t surprised. I also learned later that if you go to the company’s website there are many other color options including red, pink, blue, purple and even something called Sugar Skulls.

Tactical T1 -670G-Stealth-Sugar-Skulls
Tactical T1 – Sugar Skulls

I have had this clip for 4 months now and I’ve run hundreds of miles with it, gone hiking, travelled (I always find airplane seats break pump clips), and just lived with my pump hardly ever coming out of this holster. I even sleep with my pump in it.

I have found very few cons with this product. It’s a little stiff, especially at first, making it hard to clip and unclip from my pants, but on the other hand it never comes off, no matter how much I run. It is also a little hard to get the pump in and out of the holster, but I guess that is what keeps it from slipping out of the holster when I’m active.

I had read a few reviews that claimed that the holster screws corroded over time. I have run in the rain and I sweat on it all the time, but mine has not corroded or shown any signs of rusting. The only issue I’ve had with the screws is that they’ve loosened a bit over time, which I easily fixed with a Philips screwdriver.

The bottom line is that the T1 Tactical Insulin Pump Holster is a great and durable product.

This clip is not currently available on Amazon but you can order directly from the T1 Tactical website.

And the good news is that T1 Tactical make holsters for most pumps including Tandem, Omnipod and even for the Animas Vibe.

Disclosures: I bought this product myself and did not receive anything for this review.

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