7 Great Holiday Gifts for People with Diabetes

7 Great Holiday Gifts for People with Diabetes 3

Sure, it’s true: All we want for Christmas/Hannakuh/Insert holiday of your choice here is a cure.

But we cannot have that yet. And while I’ve seen some pretty off-target holiday gifts (no thank you, sugar free candy!) there are ways to celebrate your holiday and give thoughtful, fun and interesting gifts your person with diabetes might just love. Here are a few of our favorites to consider this holiday season:


Beach/Travel/Party/Whatever Bag:

7 Great Holiday Gifts for People with DiabetesYou know that feeling: you’ve packed all your diabetes gear you need, plus the other stuff everyone needs, and headed out for your day of fun. But you stress. Is it secure? Can one part keep cold and the other stay warm? And darn it, can I just carry one bag for once. Goodbye Sherpa feel: meet the CoolBag Gen 2.


This bag does it all – holds something that may need to stay cool (insulin? Juice? Fruit?) in a separate bottom section, and gives you pockets, space and smart sections to store all your other stuff. All the better? It locks shut – and can be locked onto a beach chair or other such thing in case you decide to meander. (No worries – if you forget your lock combination they have a website that stores it for you). Tuck that meter, insulin, wallet, and whatever else you need in and relax. It even comes in a wide choice of colors. 


Work out/party pump security:

PumpstashHate figuring out where to tuck that thing for running, weightlifting, even out dancing? Check out Pumpstash, the award winning creation by Corinne Logan, a young woman who grew up with Type 1 (aside: she also started in the famed “Arthur” episode about diabetes and school long ago). Simple and sleek, these shorts can be worn on their own, under your work out gear and even under a party dress. Holds your pump secure and keeps it dry. Order now and use “sweetlife” code at check out for free shipping.


Jazz up your water intake:

TervisWe know, we know. Drink your water. You can make doing that more fun for your loved one by gifting them a jazzy, personalized water bottle. We love Tervis  for just that. Chose from patterns, colors and sizes and have it personalized. Just don’t have it say “Flush your ketones!” 




Diabetes Library:

Or at least a part of one. Books that educate, entertain and inspire are always a great gift. We suggest Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin and the Making of a Medical Miracle for education and inspiration. A true page turner, your PWD will love learning how it all began. For a modern day thriver’s story, we love Erin Spineto’s Islands and Insulin: A Diabetic Sailor’s Memoir. Both can be found on Amazon or better yet – ordered from your local independent book store.


On the Town Bag:

MyabeticSleek, pretty and flattering with just about any outfit, Myabetic has a way of making carrying around that pesky meter and such fashionable. On their site you’ll find a classic looking wallet, shiny and/or colorful crossbodies for easy on-the-town convienience and more. They really can say the phrase ‘diabetic fashion” without being ironic. Available at Target, but for the widest selection visit their site at www.myabetic.com.


No limits!

That’s the mantra our loved ones with diabetes can and should embrace today. Now they can proclaim it with this comfortable and cool long sleeve T that makes awareness easy. One of the many choices at the new JDRF Store.


Jewels for Life:

From that life sustaining stuff our PWD’s need comes jewelry and art. Earrings, necklaces, and more made from reclaimed insulin supplies.  They’re unique and make people say “Oh how cute … wait: is that?” One great designer, PWD, Julie Hyland, has an impressive collection on hand for purchase and who customizes, too. Find her at https://www.facebook.com/Shopjuliebaby/


Moira McCarthy
Moira McCarthy

Moira McCarthy was pursuing her dream career in active sports journalism when her young daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1997. While she continued on that route, writing for the New York Times Sports and Leisure Division, Snow Country Magazine, Ski Magazine and becoming a daily newspaper sports columnist for the Boston Herald, she also began dedicating much of her life to diabetes advocacy and education.

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